Bundaberg Sandblasting - Specialists in Abrasive Blasting and Protective Coatings

BUNDABERG SANDBLASTING offers a range of blasting applications and paint surfaces to ensure the RIGHT application will lead to the BEST outcome.

Our mission is to provide you, our customer, with the best service and the best outcome regardless of the size or complexity of the job.


Industrial Applications - Bundaberg Sandblasting  

We are well known in the Bundaberg and surrounding areas for the support we provide to large industry. We provide full quality assurance with a NACE 2 Certified Coating Inspector who has had 17 years in the business and has up-to-date knowledge. You can be assured your asset is in expert hands.

Agricultural Applications - Bundaberg Sandblasting  

Farm machinery is built to be used and when it starts to look a little worse for wear we can make it look like new again. Implements, tractors, spray rigs, planters, trucks - the list is endless.

Commercial Applications - Bundaberg Sandblasting   Commercial
We can improve the look of your shop front or building by providing the ultimate face lift.  We can also help you maintain your equipment ensuring longevity.
Earthmoving Applications -  Bundaberg Sandblasting   Earthmoving and Mining
We can refurbish the largest of equipment for all earthmoving and mining applications. From a bobcat to a full truck refinish we do the lot.
Automotive Applications - Bundaberg Sandblasting   Automotive
Everything for the four wheel drive to that special rebuild project.  We can bring your vehicle back to “as Good as New”.
Automotive Applications - Bundaberg Sandblasting   Marine
Is your boat not looking its best? We can give it a new lease on life. With a new paint job or preventative maintenance, you'll be back on the water soon.
Domestic Applications - Bundaberg Sandblasting  

By providing boutique applications, antiques and family treasures can be bought back to the glory they once were and become a focal point in your home to treasure. We can refurbish all metal furniture, toys, timber furniture; the list is endless.

Domestic Applications - Bundaberg Sandblasting  

Light Fabrication
We provide light fabrication services.

Abrasive Blasting Soda Stripping High Pressure Water Blasting Painting Protective Coatings
Vacuum Blasting     Industrial Painting Metal Coatings
Delicate Garnet Blasting     Spray Painting Flexible Thermoplastic Coating
Industrial Grit Blasting     Truck Refinishing  
Onsite Mobile Unit